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Not Your
Typical Agency

As a core group of creatives with decades of experience in both the startup and agency worlds, we understand the friction between focusing on the tech and making sure the world knows just how amazing you are. That’s why we’re not just another agency that swoops in to take your sexiest creative projects and then leaves.

We do the big projects — but we’re in this for the long haul. For our clients, we are their “in-house” creative team. We’re in Slack. We’re in the weekly stand-ups. And we’re working on projects with them, day-in and day–out

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That’s what makes Ashandelle different.

Ready for an agency that takes the time to truly understand your company? Work with a creative team that cares about more than just the accolades.

The New Way to Work

In this world of remote teams and team members, we believe we are the new way to work.

The ability to plug in an entire team and to use whatever skills you need from that team day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to month, is incredibly powerful. Equally powerful is the domain expertise in staffing all of those disparate creative roles.

Our clients typically spend 1-3 “headcount” dollars on Ashandelle, then fractionally use whatever services they need each month. No rate sheets. No markups. No hassle. Just one hourly rate for every team member and every service.

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How we work

No account managers. You get a design lead as your main point-of-contact

That person acts as the account manager, project manager, and design lead. They’re backed by a team of designers as well as specialists covering everything from animation and video to analytics and SEO.

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You set a monthly budget

We set a weekly recurring meeting to discuss ongoing work

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We create a Slack Connect channel where our teams can collaborate

Who we are at heart

More than just making cool stuff, we want to help build a better world. Here are our core values.



Your success is our success. So you always get a no-bullshit plan, designed to connect and convert.


How we treat our team and our clients while we work is just as important as what we create.

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Work doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word — even when you deliver results as serious as ours.


You don’t need another cookie cutter approach. You need the creativity that a deeply experienced, multidisciplinary team can bring.

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Our story so far

Ashandelle started with our founder Chat taking on select freelance clients. But life is more than just work — it’s family, too. And, as Chat built this agency from his freelance business, he named it after the most incredible magic he knew — his kids. Combining the names of his son Ash and his daughter Elle, Ashandelle became a magical place where ideas are made real.

In the years since, Ashandelle has brought that magic to startups across multiple industries and brought incredible creatives along for the ride. Few things about the future are certain, but one thing we know for sure — we’ll continue to create magic for our clients and join them as they change the world through incredible ideas and technology.