Developing a new, product-led brand personality and visual language to connect ALTR with their core audience

The Client

ALTR was founded to solve difficult data privacy and protection challenges in algorithmic options trading technology. They quickly realized their data control protection solution had applications across industries for organizations of all sizes.

The largest financial services companies down to local shops use data insights to reduce costs and better serve customers. And keeping sensitive data secure is critical to that process. ALTR is the only automated data access control and security solution that makes it easy to govern and protect sensitive data in the cloud – allowing companies to realize deeper insights and value from more data in less time.

ALTR Personality Sliders

Crafting the right personality

ALTR’s initial go-to-market strategy targeted enterprise leaders and decision makers in security and IT. This led to a brand personality that was serious, authoritative, and very specifically targeted.

But when ALTR pivoted to a product-led growth model focused on encouraging incremental adoption by on-the-ground users, they realized this personality felt cold, stand-offish and even mysterious to data-scientists trying to solve their data control problems.

Our first step in helping them make this pivot was working side-by-side to develop a friendlier, less-serious personality with a broader appeal.

Returning to their core values

Building the new personality was anchored by focusing on ALTR’s core values — determined, inventive, reliable. In addition we asked three key questions: what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. Combining this data and filtering it through the lens of simplicity would shape not only their new brand personality, but the visual elements developed as well.

Values: Determined
Values: InventiveValues — Inventive
Values: Reliable

Building on the product’s success

ALTR had a strong, distinctive visual language in the product UI that wasn’t fully reflected in the public-facing brand. We started by pulling their distinctive wordmark, typeface and brand blue forward. We then built out a modern, sophisticated visual language structured around complementary colors, subtle gradients, and clean line work and data visualizations.

ALTR Icon set
Hex Code: #4448E5
Text: Primary Gradient
Hex Code: 0c1C55
Hex Code: f1f1f1
Text: Secondary Gradient
Hex Code: EAEAF4
Hex Code: EAD58D
Text: Yellow Accent Gradient
Hex Code: #E38933
Hex Code: #E56BB9
Text: Purple Accent Gradient
Hex Code: #7F5DF1
Hex Code: #6A90E2
Text: Blue Accent Gradient
Hex Code: #7865E9
Hex Code: #FB7E74
Text: Salmon Accent Gradient
Hex Code: #E76790
Image of Text: AaBb 0123456789
Image of Text: "Typeface, Mukta"

Creating an engaging website

By putting this new brand into action, we were able to transform ALTR’s website from a content and information-driven site to an engaging site that focused on bringing their product to life through interactive features.

We also simplified the website’s structure to help prospective users quickly and easily discover how ALTR addresses their specific use case and works with their existing tech stack.

ALTR Easily control sensitive dataALTR website popup
ALTR BigID Ecosystem page Desktop view
ALTR Customers Mobile MockupALTR Ecosystem Mobile MockupALTR Mobile Nav Menu MockupALTR Pricing Mobile MockupALTR Product Mobile MockupALTR Tableau Mobile Mockup
ALTR Data Access Desktop view
ALTR Ecosystem Page - Desktop View
ALTR Events Desktop view
ALTR Blog - Desktop View
ALTR Snowflake Ecosystem Desktop view
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Bringing it all to life with motion

Data science, access control, and cybersecurity are often presented in serious, just-the-facts ways. ALTR wanted to breath life into their products — so we developed a simple, yet engaging animation system that allows their data visualizations to pop and their content to seamlessly guide users from section to section.

Data usage
ALTR Data Usage in a computer screen

Show Don’t Tell

Driving growth with ALTR’s product means showing how easy it is to use. Whether that’s demonstrating no code implementations, walking prospective users through the UI, or showing how easy it is to integrate with an existing workflow, creating engaging proof-points for ALTR’s prospective users is key to encouraging incremental adoption.

ALTR Data Visual

Focused on Problem Solving

No matter how ALTR’s audience finds their way to the site, developing their confidence in the solution is key. By building clear pathways for multiple use cases and proactively answering users’ most common questions, the site makes it easy for visitors to get the information they need. This helps drive conversions across the site by giving multiple options to download white papers and other content, schedule a demo, connect with ALTR experts, or even just stay in the loop with a newsletter.

ALTR Tableau Ecosystem Desktop Design
ALTR Snowboard Front and Back
ALTR snowboard - front nose, logo
ALTR Booth Mockup

Reintroducing ALTR to the market

While we were helping ALTR refresh their brand and their website, they were prepping for one of their biggest industry conferences — the Snowflake Summit. In addition to environmental design for their booth presence, we found a great way to show their new, friendlier and more playful personality — by designing three custom snowboards as giveaways to attendees.

ALTR Snowboard - middle details
Control & Protect
ALTR - James holding snowboard

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