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ALTR integrates into apps and provides data security as a service. Pivoting their target audience meant rethinking their content strategy, refreshing their brand, and building an entirely new website. Shortly after launch, ALTR secured a $15M funding round.

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Parallelize any Python code with Dask Futures, letting you scale any function and for loop, and giving you control and power in any situation.

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Unacast helps companies build better products and services by providing them with real world location data. They also believe in using data for good which, if we're being honest, is the kind of thing that gets us excited.

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Prokeep is a text messaging app designed for distributors. They had a do-it-yourself brand and website that, as a legitimate startup, didn’t reflect who they are or what they could deliver for clients.

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Bonsai deploys and manages Elasticsearch clusters for companies like Pingboard, OXFAM, and more. Ashandelle has been a long-term partner with them and has helped them evolve their brand through several iterations of their website.

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Dragonfruit offers advanced AI analytics for things like digital investigations and real-time alerts. With an updated suite of products and an event deadline looming, they came to us for both a brand and website refresh that we delivered in short order.

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“Chat has never failed to impress me. His sharp eye serves him both as a designer and creative director. This, along with his experience, means he’s able to quickly direct and produce quality design.

Doug Brown

Product Design Lead at Swivel

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chat and look forward to each and every project engagement that we’re able to work. He’s hard working, thorough and not afraid to question the status-quo when it comes to design.

Chris Magdelain

Blockchain Design Lead & Enterprise Design Thinking Strategist at IBM

“Whether in advanced planning mode, or urgent, "crank this out for me, please" mode, I can always count on Chat for managing the workloads.  He has a great mind for design and an attitude that everyone needs in a creative leader.

Reg Herde

Head of Marketing at BetterLegal